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Our Lady of the Lake University
Providence West Social Room
411 SW 24th Street
San Antonio, TX

Eat, eat, eat…but don’t look like you eat. Fast food restaurants encourage us to “supersize” it while billboards tell us to look like we never eat at all. And the confusing messages don’t stop there. In a society that clearly has an eating disorder, it is no surprise that disordered eating attitudes and behaviors devastate countless lives each year. While some ultimately develop full-fledged eating disorders, others live—possibly a lifetime—on the spectrum between normal eating and a clinical eating disorder.

Discussing topics in her new book with Harvard Medical School, Almost Anorexic, Jenni Schaefer describes how intense pain and suffering exists all along the disordered eating continuum. She explains how the techniques that guided her to full recovery from her own eating disorder can help others who struggle, including those who don’t have a full-blown illness. All who suffer deserve help, hope, and healing.

To register, click here. This event is free but registration is required to ensure enough seating.

The first 25 people who register will receive a complimentary book at the event! 

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January 31, 20187:30 pmAuthor Jenni Schaefer presents about body image, balanced eating and exercise

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