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PO Box 163481
Austin, TX 78716
United States


Without doubt, Jenni was engaging, confident, organized and an extremely powerful speaker…
– Hugh H. Fuller, United States Production Manager (ret.), ExxonMobil Corporation

Jenni has spoken to businesspeople in a wide array of fields. She will happily tailor her presentation to meet your specific needs. Jenni is also open to speaking about additional topics as well as combining certain presentations. To best fit your business, the tagline of each keynote may be edited.

Thriving in the Workplace

What it Takes: Keys to success
Achieve your career goals. Exceed expectations.

In today’s competitive environment, success in any business can be difficult. In this keynote presentation, Jenni Schaefer shares the tools and strategies that took her to the top of her field. She discusses both getting connected as well as getting organized. Keys to her success include both being a self-starter and a team player. And don’t underestimate the power of positivity. Jenni’s motto has always been, “Never give up.” If you don’t give up, you can never fail: You just haven’t gotten there yet!

Wellness for Peak Productivity: Eating, exercise, and enjoyment
Find a balanced relationship with food and your body.

We do our best when we feel our best. In this presentation, Jenni Schaefer talks about finding balance with eating and exercise as well as learning how to appreciate and respect your body. She further discusses transforming the perfectionism that keeps many people stuck in unhealthy relationships with food and weight. Discover, like Jenni did when she overcame a life-threatening eating disorder, that health and wellness leads to both greater productivity and more enjoyment along the way.

Transforming Perfectionism – And doing it right
Overcome perfectionism for a more productive and fulfilled career—and life.

The problem with perfect is that it doesn’t exist. So desperately seeking this mirage is a surefire way to suck the joy out of work, relationships, and the rest of your life. Not to mention, the height of perfectionism is absolute standstill and shutdown. Some might call it procrastination. Jenni Schaefer, a self-proclaimed “recovering perfectionist,” shares the tools and techniques that transformed her life. Learn how to harness the power in the perfectionistic trait: taken in a positive direction, perfectionism can become driven and detail-oriented. This keynote is about finding balance and greater productivity in a place called “perfectly imperfect.” And, as it turns out, there is no right way to do it!

Dream Big: Don't have a backup plan
Discover and move toward your goals.

Despite receiving well over fifty rejection letters for her first book, Life Without Ed, Jenni Schaefer has successfully published three books today. Why? Because she did not have a backup plan. “Impossible” is often just an idea constructed in our minds. Just believing that certain things are impossible can hold you back. In this keynote, find a renewed belief in yourself, your dreams, and your future. Be ready to get inspired.

Writing and Speaking

The Ins and Outs of Publishing a Book
Learn how to get a non-fiction book published.

“I might have a book in me,” countless people say. But, trapped in a place of inexperience, uncertainty, and fear, those stories all too often stay locked inside. In this presentation, Jenni Schaefer not only makes publishing a nonfiction book seem possible, but she also provides step-by-step tips for really making it happen. This presentation is all about getting new books out on the shelf!

The Pen and Stage: Enhance your career
Strengthen your work by writing and speaking on a professional level.

Writing and speaking are powerful tools to enhance any career. Expand your relationship network across the globe. Get your message out to more people. Over ten years of experience in working as a professional writer and speaker, Jenni Schaefer shares how she got to where she is today. This presentation both educates and inspires.