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PO Box 163481
Austin, TX 78716
United States

6183 Paseo Del Norte, Suite 110
Carlsbad, CA

On January 21st, Montecatini is hosting an amazing panel of authors, animal advocates, artists, a musician, an app developer and a photographer–each of whom has struggled with and ultimately healed from an eating disorder.

Led by Jenni Schaefer, these inspiring speakers will share about what it was like to lose sight of their dreams, and how they were able to reconnect with their passions and true selves in recovery.

This event is designed to inspire and uplift anyone on the path of recovery from an eating disorder. Therapists, social workers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, and all those involved with eating disorder recovery are welcome!


Jenni Schaefer
Jenni is one of the foremost motivational speakers of our generation. Her books (Life Without Ed, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me, and Almost Anorexic), in addition to her appearances on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz and The Today Show, have carried a message of self-acceptance and triumph over adversity to millions.

Jessica Raymond
Having successfully recovered from a 17 year battle with an eating disorder, Jessica created Recovery Warriors, a premier resource hub for all things related to eating disorder recovery. She is passionate about designing meaningful resources that help her fellow warriors to live with compassion and courage.

Nikki Dubose
Nikki is a former model, commercial actress and host turned writer, speaker and mental health advocate, as well as executive board member of Project Heal SoCal Chapter and Peaceful Hearts Foundation. Her memoir-detailing her recovery from over seventeen years of abuse, eating disorders, and addictions-is set to be released next year.

Shannon Kopp
Shannon is Montecatini’s Marketing Director, as well as a published author, eating disorder survivor, and animal welfare advocate. She has worked at various shelters in Southern California, where homeless dogs helped her to heal from an eating disorder. Her book, Pound for Pound (HarperCollins Publishers), has struck a chord with readers and reviewers across the country.

Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer recovered from an 18 year battle with an eating disorder with the help and guidance of staff at Montecatini. She is now using her experience to help others as a group therapist at Montecatini and as an MFT in private practice. She has also pursued her passion and creativity through her photography business.

Time: 6pm- 8 pm

Event Location:
Montecatini Outpatient Office
6183 Paseo Del Norte, Suite 110
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Appetizers and Refreshments Will Be Provided


January 21, 20166:00 pm

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