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I would never have recovered from my eating disorder without my weekly therapy group. The women and men in this group inspired me more than anything else. If they could get better, then maybe, just maybe, I could too. Others in recovery made healing seem like a real possibility.

In addition to peer support, three powerful keys that supported my recovery efforts and helped me to overcome my eating disorder were:

  • Learning how to separate the eating disorder from myself
  • Letting go of ALL of my eating disorder
  • Channeling my genetic traits in a positive direction
  1. Separating the Eating Disorder from Myself

In therapy, I learned to treat my eating disorder like a relationship—rather than an illness or a condition. I actually named my eating disorder, “Ed,” which is obviously an acronym. Ed was like an abusive boyfriend or husband. I hated him, but, for so long, I could not leave.

This method of personifying Ed helped me to view my eating disorder as separate from myself. I could finally talk back to Ed and make room for my own thoughts and opinions. By connecting with my true self in this way, I gained some hope that I could recover.

I have heard that the metaphor of Ed helps many people to feel this same hope. For that, I am deeply grateful. By using the metaphor, my friends and family began to see my eating disorder as separate from me as well. We could all fight against Ed and for me. This felt good.

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