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Recovery at Six Feet Away—Coronavirus, Connection, and Creativity

“Connect, connect, connect,” therapists have told me far more times than I can count. Isolation is what kills when it comes to eating disorders. Trauma is disconnection. Recovery is connection. Depression thrives in solitude, so support saves. Enter a worldwide pandemic. Now what?! Over a decade ago, Ed (a.k.a. my “eating disorder”)…Read More

When PTSD Collides with an Eating Disorder: Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma specializes in hiding. It rarely wears a sign saying, “Hey, I’m right here!” In fact, it is frequently the opposite. People who have endured trauma commonly don’t even know it themselves. One of trauma’s favorite hiding places is in our very own brain — in the form of denial, minimization, or…Read More

Eating Disorder Recovery Help for the Holidays

Ed is that unwelcome guest at holiday occasions. He inevitably shows up at each festivity, and he ruins everything. At least, that was my victim thinking many years ago. I blamed Ed, because it was easier and less scary than being accountable for myself. Ed is not a crazy ex-boyfriend…Read More

Unpolished Journey [Eating Disorder Recovery Book Excerpt]

Ed silences us. Recovery helps us to find our voice. That is just what Morgan Blair shows us with her new book, Unpolished Journey: An Uncensored Look at Recovery from an Eating Disorder. Congratulations, Morgan, and thank you for donating signed copies! For a chance to win a signed book,…Read More

Reaping the Benefits of Your Trauma Recovery [Book Excerpt]

This is a book that I will recommend again and again! Thriving after Trauma is a beautifully written, inspirational account of courage and resilience. Thanks to author Shari Botwin, LCSW, for both sharing your courageous personal story as well as your expert clinical wisdom. Not to mention, your compassion and…Read More