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I didn’t begin to realize how isolated I was from the world until I kicked Ed out of my life for good. With him gone, for the first time, I chose to focus time and energy on making real, meaningful connections with others.

First, I focused on my family. Then, I reached out to old friends, and I worked to make new ones. Today, I’m exploring the world of dating. While Ed was a predictable sleazeball (I could count on to treat me bad), real men are not so predictable. Some guys are especially nice and treat me well, which can feel weird. And, others don’t treat me so well, which feels more like being with Ed and thus familiar—in an unhealthy kind of way.

Today, my challenge is to stay with the weird feeling and the nice guy.

Just like in recovery, weird can be good, indicating we’re exploring uncharted waters. You’ll be happy to know that I’m currently with a great man. You’ll be happier to know that his name is not Ed.

*This video was recorded many years ago. I am currently single and dating!

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