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“I’m hopeless,” I sobbed to my therapist, “I’m never going to get better.”

I had been crying in therapy for nearly an hour. My therapist was really experienced. But even with his knowledge and guidance, I was convinced that nothing was going to change.

I’m never going to recover, I thought to myself. And then, my therapist excused himself from the room. Uh oh, I thought, feeling uncomfortable.

My therapist had never done this before. I assumed that my negativity must have been so annoying that he needed a break.

[When we struggle with mental health issues, our brains can often fear the worst and come up with all kinds of inaccurate, imaginative scenarios].

He walked back into the room carrying a beautiful, worn out Martin guitar.

Hmmm, I wondered, a bit frustrated. Is he going to sing for me?

I was locked in a very negative place. And while a small part of me appreciated his creativity, a much larger part of me was convinced that this wasn’t going to help. And I wasn’t happy.

Nothing is going to make a difference.

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