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Welcome to my new blog! Here, we will talk about a wide range of topics from eating and body image to dreams and passions. We will dive into overcoming adversity—in its various shapes and sizes— as well as discuss relationships, dating, and love. After dating for most of my life, I am finally engaged to an incredible man and have many thoughts on the topic! But this blog is not all about me. Rather, I want it to be about you. I hope to hear from you. Together, we can inspire each other to move toward life change—leading to greater joy and fulfillment. So please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. About once a month, I plan on highlighting those of you who are interested in “Dream Big” posts! These posts will be aimed at sharing a story of someone who overcame adversity by harnessing, in part, the power of a dream. This week, you will meet Michael, whose passion for writing helped him to cope with becoming deaf almost instantaneously in his thirties. Learn more and submit your story by clicking here.

In some ways, this blog has been in the making for over ten years. When I released my first book, Life Without Ed, in 2003, I thought that my life’s purpose was to help spread the message of eating disorder recovery. And it was. But, in 2009, with my second book, Goodbye Ed, Hello Me, I learned that there is so much more to life that just that. I began to speak about moving beyond Ed (“eating disorder”) and more into life. I wrote about making friends, overcoming perfectionism, and even learning how to play the guitar. Happily, I have met many of you who read Goodbye Ed, Hello Me and who have since removed dusty guitars from your closets. One of my life goals today is actually to save more of the guitars that are trapped in dark closets—unplayed! During the past several years, I have learned about tackling different types of life hurdles, including the experience of having both of my parents being treated in different hospitals for cancer simultaneously. We will talk about that as well as facing other challenges.

I know today, even more than ever, that life really is about continual growth. I often say that I am fully recovered from my eating disorder but not from life. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Please join me, here, on the magnificent journey.