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PO Box 163481
Austin, TX 78716
United States


Eating Disorders Videos

NEDA Celebrating 15 Years of Saving Lives 2016

NEDA Donor Thank You – 2015


Jenni Schaefer – Passing the Recovery Baton

Tea Time with Robyn Cruze – A Chat with Jenni Schaefer – Episode 4

Jenni Schaefer’s Dream Big Event

NEDA Walk Austin 2016

Crowds Turn Out to Raise Awareness About Eating Disorders

Jenni Schaefer on TWC News

“That Voice I Heard At Four Years Old in Dance Class is Gone;” Author Shares Story of Overcoming Anorexia

Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Videos

Facebook Live: Posttraumatic Growth: Resilience after Trauma and Eating Disorders

Part 1: The DBT-Prolonged Exposure Protocol: New Approach for the Treatment of PTSD and Complex Comorbidities

Part 3: The DBT-PE Protocol for PTSD: Addressing Barriers to Treatment and Finding Recovery

Jenni Schaefer on TWC News

Fight Against Mental Illness Achievable as Resources Become More Readily Available

Facebook Live with Jenni Schaefer and Jen Lombardi

Part 2: Integrated Care for PTSD: The DBT-PE Protocol

Facebook Live: Trauma, PTSD, and Eating Disorders

Almost Anorexic Videos

Book Trailer

Almost Anorexic at College: Recognition, Treatment, and Prevention

February 18,2014 - Screening for Mental Health- Almost Anorexia at College: Recognition, Treatment, and Prevention

Goodbye Ed, Hello Me Videos

Jenni Schaefer with Partha Nandi, MD

Just Eat (Seriously)


A Perfectly Imperfect Life


What is Your Guitar?


Having Fun to Save My Life


Who Am I Without Ed?

My Thighs Touch!


Goodbye Ed, Hello Me


Making Connections in Recovery and Life


The Worst Pickup Line Ever


Don’t Settle for Mediocre




Life Without Ed Videos

Audiobook Sample

April 6, 2014 – Jenni Schaefer
“Life Without Ed” Audiobook Sample


NEDA: Voice of Ed

February 18,2014 – National Eating Disorder Association “Voice of Ed:” Externalizing the Eating Disorder