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PO Box 163481
Austin, TX 78716
United States

Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Conference Center
Conference Room 103
2632 N. 20th Street
Phoenix, AZ

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) co-occurs frequently with eating disorders, particularly bulimia nervosa and other eating disorders characterized by bulimic symptoms (e.g., binge eating and purging). Data indicates that 37-45 percent of adults with bulimia nervosa and 22-26 percent of those with binge eating disorder have a lifetime prevalence of PTSD—compared to 5-12 percent without an eating disorder. New research suggests that PTSD is a predictor of premature termination in the treatment for eating disorders. Accordingly, while the first step in eating disorder treatment is nutritional stabilization, comprehensive treatment for individuals who also struggle with PTSD requires attention to both disorders.

Dr. Garber will discuss up-to-date research, as well as clinical implications, including how dialectical behavior therapy can play a role in providing the stabilization necessary for this complex population to begin exposure work.

Best-selling author Jenni Schaefer will share her recovery from PTSD and anorexia nervosa (binge/purge type.) Combining research, clinical, and personal perspectives, this presentation uniquely addresses the critical issues involved in treating PTSD and eating disorders.

RSVP BY JULY 5, 2019
Bianca Brems:
P: 602-489-1852

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July 11, 20191:00 pmSign In
 1:30 pmPresentation

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