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Posttraumatic stress disorder often co-­occurs with eating disorders. This workshop will address the adaptive function of the ED in trauma patients, explore trauma reenactment through ED  symptomatology, and provide an overview of treatment approaches for PTSD and ED. Tanja Haaland will discuss up-­to­-date research as well as clinical implications. Author Jenni Schaefer, a recovered patient with a history of ED and PTSD, will share her story of seeking professional help. Combining research, clinical, and personal perspectives, this workshop uniquely addresses the critical issues involved in treating PTSD and ED.


  1. Identify adaptive functions of ED in patients who have a PTSD diagnosis.
  2. Explain the three phase treatment model for treating ED and PTSD.
  3. Assess the positive and negative experiences of a patient who sought evidence-based and alternative treatments from providers for both ED and PTSD.

This is a private event for professionals with The Meadows Ranch. If you are interested in learning more about The Meadows Ranch, please connect with Bianca Brems.


Date: July 17, 2018

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