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Integrated Care for PTSD: The DBT-PE Protocol (1.5 Credits)


Presenters: Lara Schuster Effland, LCSW and Jenni Schaefer

Part two in this webinar series will present the DBT-PE protocol of providing DBT skills along with in vivo and imaginal exposures to process trauma and stress. Research indicates that the DBT-PE protocol is not only effective in reducing PTSD as well as suicidal behavior but is also safe to administer, practical to deliver, and acceptable to patients as well as therapists. Further, there is no evidence that the protocol leads to exacerbations of intentional self-injury urges or behaviors nor treatment dropout. The DBT-PE protocol is also associated with improvements in dissociation, trauma-related guilt cognitions, shame, anxiety, depression, and social adjustment. Within this workshop, the three stages of the DBT-PE protocol will be explained, including helping patients achieve behavioral control over life-threatening behaviors, process trauma and associated emotions, and build a life worth living. The importance of maintaining an exposure-based lifestyle following treatment will be recommended as a way to maintain recovery gains and reduce vulnerability to relapse. This unique workshop will combine clinical and research perspectives with a recovered patient’s experience, comparing PE without DBT to PE with the DBT protocol.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Assess individuals with PTSD and complex comorbidities who might benefit from the DBT-PE protocol.
  2. Describe the three stages of the DBT-PE protocol for helping individuals with PTSD and complex comorbidities.
  3. Explain research supporting the DBT-PE protocol as well as the need for the advancement in treatment for multi-diagnostic, high-risk patients.

Register for this online event here.


November 15, 20178:30 pm(EDT) Integrated Care for PTSD: The DBT-PE Protocol

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