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This event will feature joint presentations by Mike Gurr, Executive Director of The Meadows Ranch, and Jenni Schaefer, Meadows Behavioral Healthcare Senior Fellow and best-selling author. Mike’s presentation, “Treating Eating Disorders Using Neurotherapy, Biofeedback, and the Arousal Model,” will focus on what neurofeedback and biofeedback are and how they are used in the treatment of eating disorders, as well as what goes on in an eating disordered patient’s brain that effects their emotion regulation, arousal states, anxiety levels and overall functioning. Jenni Schaefer will present, “Trauma, PTSD, and Eating Disorders: A Personal Journey,” which will share her journey of healing from both an eating disorder and PTSD, encompassing misdiagnosis, uninformed treatment methods, and the importance of evidence-based, as well as alternative approaches.

After this presentation, attendees will be able to:
1. Discuss neurotherapy, biofeedback, and the arousal model.
2. Describe neurofeedback/biofeedback devices and equipment and how they work for eating-disordered patients.
3. Discuss evidence about and improvement in the plasticity of the brain of an actual patient from these therapies.
4. Explain the lifetime prevalence of trauma and PTSD in the eating disorders population.
5. Describe common risk factors associated with PTSD and eating disorders.
6. Assess the positive and negative experiences of a patient who sought treatment from a succession of providers for symptoms indicative of trauma and PTSD.

For more information about attending this event, visit the Central Texas Eating Disorder Specialists website.


August 16, 201912:00 pmLunch will be provided by The Meadows Ranch

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