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In the eating disorders field, we all have perfect body image. We eat and exercise perfectly. Right? And, of course, as mental health providers in general, we are calm, cool and collected. Right? Of course not!

We are real people just like everyone else. How we feel about our bodies, what we eat and why, and how we react to family and friends varies from time to time. Yes, we have learned, as other professionals, to strive for balance. But, sometimes, the expectation is for us to have a so-called perfect balance of “mental and physical being.” Really?! Who decided that?!

When this doesn’t happen, we might find ourselves shaming each other or maybe just pointing the finger in the mirror. In this presentation, clinical psychologist Allison Chase and recovery author Jenni Schaefer discuss the “down and dirty” of working in the mental health field as well as specifics of the eating disorders treatment field.

This interactive workshop will discuss topics ranging from going gluten-free and practicing hot yoga to raging at your ornery adolescent and weeping after fighting with your best friend to wearing 6-inch high heels and getting Botox. These topics, while clearly part of mainstay American culture, can often be misinterpreted as unacceptable for the treatment provider.

This workshop emphasizes the importance of asking, “What is authentic for me?” For our clients, this can only be answered when they are connected with their healthy selves. For us as professionals, is there is a timeline for when we get to answer this? In this workshop, be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to learn that being a mental health professional isn’t about being perfect. Rather, it is about being real.

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January 30, 20186:30 pmAllison Chase, PhD and Jenni Schaefer will present a 1.5 hr CE (This will be conversational and fun!)

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